December 19, 2014

Honduras Hearts & Homes

Since 2007, a group of missionaries from Maple Grove E-Free Church in Minnesota has partnered with GCLA’s church in Choluteca, Honduras. Their work with GCLA and the church in Choluteca has had such a profound impact on their lives that they’ve begun making a newsletter they share and publish every few months to keep the stories of their mission work fresh and inspiring others to join in! Here’s more from Beverly Snyder, one of the longtime mission trip participants, sharing some of her heart and what God’s shown her over the past few years:   ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

Maple Grove E-Free Church has a partnership with GCLA’s church in Choluteca, Honduras.

“During my first year part of me simply watched. In some ways it felt as if I held back: waiting, observing, trying to absorb what God was already doing and why He had brought me to this distant place in Central America. Of course most of me was engaged with the children and people we met, in spite of my lack of speaking Spanish. But I felt more reserved than usual. Upon reflection, I’ve realized how much that trip shaped my understanding of what God means for us to go into the world to “witness.” Seems that it is more about what we see, how we observe God working, than what we say. If at any point I am to speak for God, to tell His good news, then I had better first open my heart and eyes to gain some understanding of the heart needs and not only the outward circumstances of poverty. I learned that my witness is in large part what I see of God in Choluteca and what I tell people in the States.

Beverly Snyder has a heart for Honduras. She’s travelled to Honduras multiple times with GCLA since her first trip in 2009.

That first year I spoke with one woman through an interpreter about mutual interests. As we parted I realized two things. I was so engaged that I forgot an interpreter bridged the language gap for us. But more significantly I realized I had a friend in Choluteca.

The next year I was unable to go on the trip due to family needs. Although it was the right decision, my

heart ached with longing the entire time the team spent in Choluteca.Each trip holds many memories and special stories. In 2011 when I returned, I began sponsoring a young girl at the Nutrition Center in Limon. This particular story will have to wait for another time. That year when I traveled back home my significant realization was that I had FAMILY in Choluteca. And it has felt like that ever since.”